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Nov 8, 2012 5:00pm EST
duperre at 3 a-m.joe puperre:"she told me, 'it's time. the babyys coming'.. brittany duperre: "in the bathroom. right there on he floor."it all happened in minutes.with brother jay tucked aaay sleeping... and parammdics en route... dad delivered.joe duuerre:"riggt whhn i urnnd, i saw the whole to do was pull the resttof the babb adrienne iris was born aa 3:11 a-m.medics came seconds later.brittany: "reliif. yess phem."bbandon thibeault (tee- firefighter:"the corddhad not not been ddlivered yet."ta had - ffrefighters assessed adrienne. duperre:"i was extreeely relieved bbcause i was just worriid aaout the baby and i just wanted to make surr she was ok. iiknew onceethey got there that they'd be able to take care oo itt.bbrt albrecht, firefighter: "it's someonneii tte worlddliie - this."brandon thibeault (tee- "mmde sure her heart rate warmed, and timulated her." - baby adrienne is now the penter of attennion as the she an election ay baby electing .- brittany::"i called one of my cousins nn she didn't believe it."believe it.adrienne shares aa irttday with history. brandon th
Oct 31, 2012 11:30pm EDT
? >> that's awesome. >> oh, my god. abby and brittany. >> what? >> that girl over there is dressed like the conjoined twins. you know the twins abby and brittany. >> i'm brittany and this is abby. >> could you introduce who you really are? >> i'm dax's intern. >> dax is always having someone work for him. what do you do? >> everyone has interns. >> no wonder he has 5,000 twitter fans. it's all >> twins. >> vagina grave wednesday, vagina grave wednesday, yeah! >> with celebrity props rex lee. >> one question for you. >> ok. >> the guy in serbia, his wife passed away. on her headstone, he puts a carving of her vagina. >> yes, this odd etching is quickly becoming the most famous serbian made cavity since ferdinand gunshot wound. >> she wanted this on her head set. >> what is the motivation? >> she wanted it on her headstone and she was passing away. and she says, this way you will always remember me and not chase any other ass. >> and that's a quote. and horribly misquoted by this guy. but you get the gist. >> is that incredibly romantic or incredibly creepy and inappropriate? >> it's some
Nov 8, 2012 5:30pm EST
in, ran upstairs and found brittany laying down or sitting down on the bathroom floor whether little adrian. the umbilical cord was still attached. we clamped that off and asked dad if he wanted to cut the cord. he looked shocked. so he did it. we took the baby from brittany and started to dry her off. >> reporter: being born on election day hopefully won't sentence her to be of all things, a politician, but she has the confidence of an entire fire station. >> we had a huge relief when we saw everyone come in. we're so thankful. >> we have many people, with 30-year careers and never delivered a baby. it's something to make you smile about. >> reporter: by the way, the folks at the hospital were so impressed with the firefighters that they gave them little gifts for a very big person here. >> don't try to explain to her the electoral college. >> i still don't get it. >>> coming up at 6, a dad leave last son in the car. in minutes, he and it were gone. how he got his son back. they passed the test, but how do you prepare them for this. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. we'll se
Nov 16, 2012 7:00am EST
. >> reporter: brittany deen just gave birth to the heaviest triplets in the world. meet sidney, elliott, and little brother, jenson. combined, the threesome is 20 pounds. a big delivery for the sacramento couple, who originally planned on a small family. >> oh, wow. oh, wow. >> reporter: they conceived the triplets naturally. that happens about 1 in 8,000 pregnancies. brittany was determined to carries the babies as long as she could. and started a blog to document her growing belly. brittany tripled the amount of food she ate, bringing in 6,000 calories some days. eating full meals every two hours. >> i was just supposed to eat. >> reporter: she posted this picture of what she ate for breakfast. three eggs, yogurt, cheese slices and a bagel loaded with butter. >> one morning, she had made a plate of meatballs. >> reporter: brittany gained 85 pounds. but eating so many calories could have caused major problems. >> high blood pressure, diabetes at pregnancy. it's a risk for the mom. >> reporter: defying the odds, a healthy brittany made it to 37 weeks, a full-term pregnancy. >> they came
Nov 24, 2012 1:00am PST
of the school district. with us now, four students who were fighting back. kyle, damian, brittany and dillon. and also with us is activist and actress jane lynch and also sunny hostin from trutv. kyle, you told me yesterday about an incident that happened to you in the bathroom and what happened? >> i had to use the bathroom and i walk in the door and these people were just watching me. they were just staring at me. i go into the stall and i hear laughing. i hear laughter. and i look up and i have something dripping down my head and someone was peeing on me. >> how often do you get bullied, do you get pushed around? >> almost every day. >> damian, how about you? you are straight, but your two dads are gay, and you're on a gymnastics team which people make fun of you for, and what do people say to you? >> gay, faggot, gay boy. >> brittany? what do people call you? >> they call me [ bleep ]. and even words i'm ashamed to say even to this day. >> if you go to a counselor in your school, brittany, what do they tell you? what do they say to you? >> they tell me not to use that language. that's no
Nov 15, 2012 5:00am EST
. last week, brittany delivered three healthy baby boys weighing in at more than 20 pounds together. they break the previous begin he is book of world records by mri a pound. brittany admit she had gone overboard by eating about 6,000 kal ruse a day during her pregnancy. she had some people to feed. so i understand. -- by more than a pound. brittany admits she had gone overboard by eating about 6,000 calories a day during her pregnancy. >> how hungry are you? hungry enough to eat a hamburger? how bay hamburger worth hundreds of dollars. >> oh, no. >> now, do you want it? >> not that hungry. >> we'll tell you what is behind the heavy price tag on this one. i bet julie and tucker would eat a $500 hamburger. >> where are they going to get the money for that? >> stay with us. we'll be right back. >>> welcome back. taking a live look over washington, d.c. this morning. we'll check in with tucker here in a second so you get an idea of what you can expect for your forecast. what do you expect for $500? a good burger perhaps? a little steep but that is how much this one costs. it is what on
Nov 22, 2012 3:00pm PST
: and brittany tapped into emotions that threatened to overwhelm her. boot camp prepared them for this day. >> absolutely not even close. go back! let's go! >> whoa. >> it's grueling, and it's tough, and not everyone makes it. >> announcer: but boot camp is over. >> i need you to screw your heads on right now. >> i'm incredibly nervous. >> definitely a nervous wreck. >> on a scale of one to ten i'm, like, at a 20. >> announcer: last night all of the contestants sang for the judges. >> ♪ you're going to love me. ♪ >> announcer: on tonight's episode... >> one, two, three, jimmys! >> announcer: the young performers step onto a broadway stage for the first time in their lives. >> ♪ in nyc... >> announcer: each gets one more chance to wow the judges. >> guys, we cannot send her out there to sing that song. >> we just keep trying to calm them down and tell them, "do your show." at some point, i go, "i am starting whether you are ready or not." >> announcer: six finalists will be selected to perform their solos. only two will win. find out who. >> the jimmy award for best performance by an
Nov 19, 2012 1:00pm PST
that don't respectfá women as equal. >>> we have more winners in the ipad 3 give away. >> brittany in decatur, alabama won. she said she never wins anything. >> danielle ritter won from arizona. >> you have a chance to win, too. you will need monday's buzzword. you have to be 18 years or older for your chance to win. >> stand by for monday's buzzword and good luck, everybody. >>> we show a lot of amazing dolphin and whale videos and they are all cute. this isn't one of those videos. this is in new zealand. see that fishermen? he got swooped out of the water by the two orcas. they weren't friendly. he is scooting his way on to the rocks to get out of their way. >> he was spearfishing for their food. they are like dude come on man. him scooting out of there looks like a seal. >> that looks like more whale food. >> apparently they don't like the competition. look at this dog. this dog is playing in the water close to the shore and these orcas come close to the dog. watch the dog. he is like okay i'm leaving. >> i'm surprised they didn't swallow this dog up. check that out again. the d
Nov 8, 2012 6:00pm EST
wanted to cut the cord. he looked shocked. so he did it. we took the baby from brittany and started to dry her off. the rest of the crew got there. they took the baby and we focused on mom. >> i was worried about the baby. i wanted to know she was okay. i knew they would be able to take care of it much better than we did. >> isn't she beautiful? >> the firefighters said in many cases the mt's go their -- emt's go their entire careers without delivering a baby. congratulations, family. >>> some big news for the upcoming baltimore casino. in the wake of question 7's approval allowing table games. ceasars entertainment announced a rebranding of the site from harrah's to horseshoe's. >> now that table games have been passed and the restaurants we will add, the increased facility capacity that we'll have in our multipurpose area, we'll build a poker room which started under the horseshoe name. i think all of that together, we believe is a perfect fit for the location. >> the final design isn't expected for a few months. they will offer a variety of games by bringing the world series of p
Nov 21, 2012 11:30pm PST
not understood], [speaker not understood], virginia marshall sequoia audubon society. brittany [speaker not understood] from wild equity [inaudible]. [inaudible] >> edth ultimate design or layout of sharp park golf course. instead of doing as it promised, the rec and park department at the last moment combined a new redevelopment project for the golf course into this pre-existing ceqa process for the significant natural resource area's management plan. all this resolution would do is require the recreation and parks department to make good on its word and consider these two different projects through two different ceqa proceedings and nothing more. it will not constrain the city's ultimate decision about what to do, what sharp park, they will not alter or change the kind of alternative the city will consider as it goes through this processes. all it will do is apply the two separate proceedings as [speaker not understood]. the reason this is important is items of that golf course plan are exceptionally controversial and have skipped specific ceqa proceedings required under law. it could
Nov 11, 2012 8:00am PST
to make it with pheasant. i had even pheasant sausage in brittany. are you a fan of organic meat? >> well, it's very confusing. i think the confusing term i see over and over is this term natural. you see it not just in the products. it has zero meaning when it comes to me. >> the way to find is minimally processed, no artificial ingredients. all of this fresh meat, we haven't done anything to it. natural and organic, they mean the same thing? it's a highly specified way of producing. a certain amount of time they have to actually spend outdoors. these regulations are actually organized by the people that supported organic practices. it's an audited term. if you have an organic farm, third parties come to audit to make sure you are doing what you say you are going to do. that's why it's so certified organic. the certification means the government actually certifies that. >> if i don't be certified, i'm not so sure. >> you can't really use those terms. these are labor terms that have to be approved by the usda. you can't just slap a label on the product without submitting it to the usda. >
Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm PST
celebrities when they had the world's largest triplets. brittany and jason dean drew chuckles from reporters they confessed that two kids were enough and three too many. they used no fertility drugs. at a combined weight of more than 20 pounds, the 5-day-old boys set a new world record. she carried the babies 37 weeks, almost to term. the biggest baby is still hospitalized, but his breathing and eating continue to improve. 5.5 pound jensen and 7 pound elliott are still at home. >> did you say 20 pounds total? >> yes. all in your belly. all out now. bundles of joy. >>> let's see what we have coming up. >> we're learning more about what the fbi took from inside the home of david petraeus' mistress. >>> a revealing look at the unemployment numbers facing a growing number of people living in the south bay and the solutions being offered, that's at 6:00. >> brian williams is next, we'll see you again at 6:00. >> good night folks. m substant>>> on the broadcast ton the edge of a possible new war in the middle east, ferocious fighting as rockets fly between israel and gaza, and there are fears of a
Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm PST
of triplets have tipped the scales right into the record book. jason and brittany's boys arrived in sacramento on november 8, weighing a combined 20 pounds. that makes them the heaviest set on record by more than a full pound. >> i was pretty much eating every couple of hours. eating like a normal-people meal. >> so you were, they say, eating for four? >> i was eating for like 17. >> at birth, sydney weighed a whopping 7 pounds 8 ounces. elliott came in at 7.3. and little jenson, 5.5. look at them! >> so cute. jenson has got some catching up to do. >>> coming up, find out why this picture right here is going to change. i've got a picture of the hungriest squirrel in the bay area. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 dollars and a frozen safeway turkey is 59 cents a pound. or spend 25 dollars and get a fresh safeway select turkey for 99 cents a pound. so raise
Nov 15, 2012 1:35am PST
. >>> a set of triplets have tipped the scales right into the record book. jason and brittany's boys arrived in sacramento on november 8, weighing a combined 20 pounds. that makes them the heaviest set on record by more than a full pound. >> i was pretty much eating every couple of hours. eating like a normal-people meal. >> so you were, they say, eating for four? >> i was eating for like 17. >> at birth, sydney weighed a whopping 7 pounds 8 ounces. elliott came in at 7.3. and little jenson, 5.5. look at them! >> so cute. jenson has got some catching up to do. >>> coming up, find out why this picture right here is going to change. i've got ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, paul wrap paul wrap e best goal of the >>> weather time. we answer the question, what happens to your pumpkins if you leave them outside for a couple of weeks after halloween? >> that's the hungriest squirrel! >>> we have some changes to talk about weather-wise. this radar shot behind me will not look the same this time tomorrow. rain moving in from the west. dry right now on high-def doppler but that's going to be changing. oakland, mild,
Nov 20, 2012 10:00pm PST
nathan and laura debonis. >> my name is brittany smith, and i'm nine years old. it's tough because my mom and dad are poor. my dad just lost his job. it's kind of hard for us. monday i tried getting in the shower, and it was cold. i put the hot on all the way and no cold, and it was freezing. it felt like shoving your face in a bunch of snow. it was freezing! the hot water shut off because we didn't pay the bill in time. it was overdue. >> so what's the next bill due? >> electricity. it's going to be $318. we just need to put roger's ass to work. >> yeah. >> when you see the flat-screen tv and the computers and our ps3 and stuff, that's just things we've acquired over the years, stuff that we've had before all this happened, like when we were not this poor. >> sink's broke. i don't know how or why, but it broke. and the cheapest plumber is, like, $65 an hour. i can't even afford $20. >> we lived in a farmhouse. my dad lost his job from picture perfect. he got laid off, and we got kicked out of there. we moved here. it's not very big. we didn't have enough room, so we had to put stuff in s
Nov 15, 2012 4:30am PST
. jason and brittany dean's boys arrived in sacramento on november 8 weighing a combined 20 pounds. that makes them the heaviest set on record by more than a full pound. >> i was pretty much eating every couple of hours eating like normal people meals. >> so you were -- they say eating for two, you really were eating for four. >> i was eating for like 17. [ laughter ] >> good thing she didn't have 17. at birth, sydney weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces, elliott came in at 7.3, and little brother jenson at 5.5. they are so cute. and doing well. >> and as the mother of two, you feel for that mom? >> i feel for that mama. >> the sleepless nights club and man, those are big kids. >> but cute. >>> 4:57. president obama's first news conference, the response to the attack in libya, "fiscal cliff" and cia scandal. >> and an armed intruder stopped in his tracks. the vicious defense by two teenaged girls in san rafael coming up. >>> live in san francisco one driver causes a mess after leading chp officers on a wild chase but that is not the most surprising detail about this. you'll hear more coming
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm PST
. > emotions running high for jason and brittany. she gave birth to triplett boys who weighed together a total of 20-pounds. they are submitting forms to the guinness book hoping their boys tip the scales towards a world record. >> >> a close eye on the hillside that was compromises by a mud slide. unusual steps residents are making to make sure their homes are protected if the hill gives way again. >> >> the arrest of the driver suspected in the hit and run that injured the man riding this mountain bike. . >>> good evening, >> the mud has been cleared out of the street, but residents in daily city are still keeping a watchful eye on the hillside that gave way when the water main broke. mike has more on the steps being taken. >> reporter: the work on the hiltside will continue. residents debating whether or not to file a claim.
Nov 20, 2012 10:30am PST
. now for brittany's. she is also an environmental studies student at san francisco state university. this issue is important to her not only as a student of the environment and currently environmental law, but also as a resident of the city. the attempt with the new draft e-i-r impact report characterizes the golf course as unacceptable and has been refuted that san francisco historic advisory commission when there is a clear disagreement such as this, it is a clear indicator that a separate evaluation for the alternative plan is necessary to maintain [speaker not understood], almost done, and the endangered species within it. [speaker not understood] procedural resolution to ensure that the department up holds [speaker not understood] the golf course project from the natural area plan and allows for the environmental review. a yes vote will pave the way for the protection of humans and wildlife [speaker not understood] areas to rely -- >> thank you very much. >>> thank you so much. >> thanks a lot. good job squeezing it all into. >>> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is johnny b
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am EST
is also very impressive. get this, brittany dean ate 6,000-calories a day. that was her diet to feed her boys while they developed. >> a dozen eggs at least a day. i -- called myself a hobbit because i had first breakfast and second breakfast. lunch. second lunch. afternoon snack. i was pretty much eating every couple of hours. >> doesn't that sound good. >> a dozen eggs a day. but it paid off because she carried the triplets to 37 wokes and you know that's impress i. that's impressive for two babies so for throe that's incredible. >>> 6:25. lauren cook has today's caption this. >> it was submitted by jackie of her cat bella. this cat locks like the one i grew up -- looks like the one i grew with up. rolling in the dough. adorable. we posted it on the facebook and it's generated a lot of comments, david wrote in saying i need some catnip and this is all i have. marie saying a girl has to make a living somehow. and one says this is all sometime getting today all of this laundry? and mar gee petty cash? souples keep your comments coming, we're -- so please keep your comments coming, we're
Nov 2, 2012 2:05am PDT
's an absolute doll. she's here with all of our co-workers, brittany, sarah and betsy over there. you guys know the drill. let's take one last look at kristen before and bring out the new kristen. oh, my gosh! oh, wow. stay right there. oh, my gosh. >> take them off, you guys. kristen, you look unbelievable, honey. turn around. >> look at you, you little sex pot. >> oh, my gosh. >> look darling. >> oh, my gosh! >> louis, you've obviously done your magic. your haircut is adorable. >> don't touch your beautiful face, sweetheart. >> her hair color, she has that light brown hair, so i went with the warmth. and she has a natural blond streak. show us where your natural blond streak is. that's her trademark. so i decided to leave it. and this is a color that will wash away over time. the hair color adds body to her hair. so she has much more texture than she ever had before. >> i love it. >> you look great. >> thank you. >> that outfit -- she's always had the cutest little body, but we never see her around here like that. by the way, the crew is going bonkers. >> look at this body. we put her in some
Nov 16, 2012 9:00am EST
in sacramento last week. mom brittany dean had to eat up to 6,000 calories a day, including a dozen eggs, while her babies were growing, but she says it was all a positive experience, and she's already shed 50 of the 85 pounds she's gained. that is remarkable. and they are beautiful. it is 9:60. let's go out to al with a check of the weather. >> wow. i remember i used to do that in college, but i wasn't carrying triplets. gorgeous kids. a lot of chilly folks out here. was it kind of cool watching that cermony? >> yeah, that was awesome. that was awesome. >> wasn't that great. let's show you what is going on as far as your weather is concerned for today. a big storm system coming into the west. a cold front, low pressure combo bringing rain, and the rain is going to really increase over the next 24 hours from los angeles all the way up into the pacific northwest. take a look and show you as far as the rainfall is concerned. over the next 48 hours, we're talking upwards of 4 to 5 inches of rain, up to 24 inches of snow in the mountains of california, especially in the upper elevations. winter sto
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am PST
very shishi. >>> a set of triplets, jason and brittany dean's boys arrived in sacramento on november 8 weighing in at a combined 20 pounds. that makes them the heaviest set on record by more than a full pound. >> i was pretty much eating every couple of hours, eating like normal people meals. >> wow. >> so you were they say eating for two, you really were eating for four. >> i was eating for like 17. [ laughter ] >> you bet she was. at birth, sydney weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces. little brother elliott 7 pounds 3 ounces, and jenson on the lighter side 5.5 pounds. >> it's amazing when you have multiple births, they usually come out smaller. but she has some good sized babies there. >> 7-pounder fully grown. >> they are so cute, too. time now 6:54. coming up a final check. your top stories. >> plus, he is the human hamster. the man who just can't quite figure out this escalator. >> why? we'll tell you when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, been shopping so smart, cash back with your freedom card getting cash back on what? close shave and haircut fan for the ceiling. you're gonna cool off that ho
Nov 1, 2012 12:35am PDT
's a cutie, man. she's a cutie. let's try another one here. this one's from brittany harding. "jimmy, i never know what candy to give out on halloween. it's become such an issue that it's actually affecting my relationship. [ light laughter ] can you have tariq do a rap that gives advice on what types of candy people should give out on halloween?" let's see. tariq, do you think you think you can do that? >> sure, i love candy. let's -- let's do this. ♪ okay ♪ i'm down to earth like deep roots on halloween i don't eat fruits ♪ ♪ it's snickers bars it's baby ruth i'm satisfying my sweet tooth ♪ ♪ when i'm branching out like timbalands reese's cups and them m&ms ♪ ♪ mike and ikes and them milky ways and them lemonheads y'all remember them? ♪ ♪ what's better than rolos be the judge butterfingers milk duds ♪ ♪ whatever it was it's a sugar buzz just bubbling up like soap suds ♪ ♪ those caramel corn get no love but twizzlers i'm thinkin' of ♪ ♪ and hershey bars get broken off this year halloween i'm open on ♪ ♪ candy [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: he's done tha
Nov 17, 2012 5:00am PST
is here along with her parents sheryl and jeff and her twin sister brittany. >> good morning. >> it's such an inspiring story. we see you and all of the progress you've made. it hasn't even been a year yet. that's a lot to go through, and to be at this point where you seem to be doing so well. you seem to be thriving. what got you here, though? how do you motivate yourself to get up in the morning? >> well, i think it's mostly just my faith in the lord and i know that he has a great purpose in it. he's just poured out his love on me and grace on me and saved my life, and has allow know thrive in life after this, and also just my community of people around me and the support of my friends and my family. it's just been amazing. >> you're a very tight-knit group. you talk about a purpose for this. sheryl, i know you wrote about this, writing deep down i knew that god had known this accident was going to happen, that he could have stopped it, but didn't. so god must have a purpose. when something tragic happens, everybody seems to have that question of why. and they're not always able t
Nov 24, 2012 7:00am PST
hurricane katrina. now he wants to help people in the northeast. drew brees and his wife brittany told cbs they formed the drew brees foundation committing $1 million to help with super storm sandy relief efforts. that matches the $1 million pledge the nfl and players made to the red cross just after sandy. >>> congressman jesse jackson jr. is resigning after dealing with bipolar disorder and other health problems for nearly a year. he said wednesday he needs to spend time getting better. he's been away from d.c. for most of the year. jackson is also being investigated for possibly trying to get president obama's old senate seat in exchange for fundraising. he has denied doing anything wrong. >>> we know you spend the first part of your saturday and sunday right here on hln but what's are you up to? we want to see what weekends in america look like in your hometown. kimberly captured this sweet moment in colorado springs, colorado. look at the mama and her fawn. she says she's thankful for photo ops like this. deer had been walking through her front yard on a daily basis. do you have a pho
Nov 17, 2012 7:00am PST
took place in hawaii. stanford forced--they're the winners of 42 in a row and tucson brittany grinder. if she is one of the greatest players of all time. she had 18 points and rebounds. taylor green filled and delivered. more reiner did her thing and she had 22 points and she really is just--is 6 ft. seven maybe 6 ft. eight and here's stanford at the finished as she had a chance to go into overtime. stamford snaps baylor 42 game winning streak 71 to 69. >> warriors' first of three on a road that were in minnesota and david lee is ready to roll. he had 18 points and 13 rebounds. the warriors tried to go or game over 500. it is early in the season but they should be able to handle them. he was the no. 1 draft pick. mark jackson won 06 to 98. golden state wins. >> their plan endeavor on road and he is still in pretty good. just in cobb has 17 warrants and then alan delivered. he had 20 points. 7261 he is one of the top recruits and he will play at cal. there is no when the site for the nhl lockout. >> rego alex to ackerman of the san francisco bulls were playing the idaho still heads. he
Nov 14, 2012 1:00pm PST
brittany the voice of america. >> we're being joined by senator kelly ayotte. thank you for coming in. >> thank you, wolf. >> why go after susan rice instead of the secretary of state or the president of the united states. >> we're not going after one person, we just want questions answered. what i said, wolf, is that if she is nominated to serve as secretary of state, which has been mentioned, that her nomination should be held until she answers the questions understanding that why did five days after this attack on our concentrate late, did she go on every major news network and actually make what we now know to be misstatements and misrepresentations about what occurred there. we also know the state department, within hours, sent to the white house information that a terrorist group -- they sent e-mails letting them know who claimed responsibility. so there was contradictory information available at the time. and these are questions that need to be answered an an important role of the secretary of state is to brief congress and the american people. that's what i said and that's the
Nov 15, 2012 7:00am EST
do not mean to be negative about this. if you turn on the mainstream media, it is all about brittany spears underwear and what happened last week. even this thing going on with the general, it is about the sex, not how it affected the military and the decisions made. they're saying general petraeus went to libya on a fact-finding mission himself one week before he resigned. it is all strange. there is one other thing i would like to say. here in new york stake, we have time warner cable. forever it seems like -- we could always get c-span without having to have a cable box. they have taken that option away. if we do not pay extra and have the cable box, we cannot get c- span. i thought you would like to know that. host: here is the "baltimore sun." here is what president obama had to say. [video clip] >> let me say specifically about susan cries, she has done an exemplary work. she has represented our interests in the united nations with skill, professionalism, toughness, and a grace period as i have said before, she made an appearance at the request of the white house and which she
Nov 30, 2012 7:00am PST
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Nov 8, 2012 11:00pm EST
to buy brittany spears ticket, you know what i'm talking about. so this concept of distributed denial of service was here. if you look, the u.s. treasury, secret service, federal trade commission, and the stock exchange were all attacked by the 160,000 computers around the world tried to ping and to have access acting as a zombie bot. if you've read the news and the last couple of years, it's this worm that was attempting and i think was quite effective in shutting down the centrifuges in iran, which caused them to spend not control until they essentially burned up. duke who is assertive sister. i love the name. as a "star wars" fan you know who that is. but this is a sister and again was lucky not the industrial control system access. there's the sars virus attack on iran, looking to harvest information from executive pass and government organizations in iran. and then, similar to others, you know, canada has had a significant problem in 2011, with the department of finance and other organizations that were working on a particular deal, including law firms who are on a specific deal
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